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Bobbie Erickson   Hello and WELCOME!

My name is Bobbie Erickson also known as

"Becky the Chat Lady"  online at

EmbroideryDesigns.com where I work part time providing customer service including tips and tricks, and over 30+ years commercial embroidery experience.


Suffice it to say I have dabbled in many arts and crafts since first matching bobbins to grammas spools of thread. whose expression of color, shape, and texture catapulted forwardexpressing my creativeness and building expertise in design elall expressing mlove creating, teaching and sharing my passion for Color , Texture and Design. As a personal shopper for a major many years and embroidery shop owner, it seems only natural to combine my nuggets of wisdom with gems of insight held together with a thread and prayer.

First  published in Impressions Magazine, 1981, I foretold the popularity of applique in ready-to-wear and sold craft projects to Leisure Arts.  I  taught sewing and machine embroidery for 4-H, Bernina dealerships, and as an elective credit course for the University of Nevada Reno. 

Color surrounds me with rows of neatly arranged threads like wall art on their pegs.  I watch with awe as molten copper and silver metals cool to a rainbow of subtle shades. Shape, texture and design are everywhere to behold if you see what you look at!

I am happily married to my soul mate, Darwin.  Our children are grown and  blessed us with eight grandchildren. We're enjoying our Senior  semi-retired status as I still work. 

You'll find me under the pseudonym "Becky" the Chat Lady at www.https://EmbroideryDesigns.com where I provide customer service. Darwin stitches, does lapidary and makes awesome grilled steaks keeping the home fires going.

I look forward to your comments & suggestions in our Blog!

Feel free to Contact me weekday afternoons Central Standard Time up to 8:00 PM  or leave a slowly spoken clear message with your Name, Number and a brief description regarding the nature of your call at (479) 319-6845.

Feel free to email Info@AthenasGiftShop.com

Live, Love and Laugh ~ Bobbie